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Create faceless videos

like a pro without being one.

Effortless video creation through simple conversations.
Perfect for documentaries, stories, presentations, and more.
Complete end-to-end process, no experience needed.

No Credit Card Required


Deniz Sayman

Musician & Founder of

ReelSane helped me save my most valuable asset, tons of time, by creating super fast short form educational content for my business pages. This way I could create way more content and reach much more people in a shorter timeframe"

Key Features

Why use ReelSane?


Video Styles

A variety of image styles are available to match your video's theme.

Voice Actors

Numerous voice actors are available to perfectly narrate your story.


Videos can be created in multiple languages to reach a global audience.



Automatic word highlighting keeps your audience engaged.

Unlock Efficiency & Creativity

Empower Your Content Creation

Save time with rapid video production and an integrated all-in-one tool.

Generate creative ideas effortlessly and ensure copyright-safe materials.

Produce multilingual content with synchronized audio and subtitles, expanding your global reach.

Focus on creativity while AI handles the technicalities.


A man generate AI video with ReelSane
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ReelSane UI starting chat
ReelSane UI AI returned the scenario
ReelSane UI final rendered video

From Chat to Final Video in Minutes

Complete AI Pipeline

Chat with our AI to describe your vision.


Your script transforms into detailed scenes with matching visuals and narrations.


No tedious editing, once your chat concludes.


ReelSane delivers a polished video with professional effects and synchronized subtitles, ready to share. 🚀

Advanced Capabilities to Enhance Your Videos

Feature Highlights

Choose from various image styles to match your theme.

Enjoy ultra-realistic narrations by multiple voice actors.

Create multilingual videos with synchronized subtitles, perfect for global reach and platforms like Instagram.

Enhance your videos with effects like Ken Burns, crossfade, and audio visualizations.



Find inspiration for your channel's

Starter Prompt

"Create a Miyazaki style video about a small village by a mystical lake, a young boy discovers that the lake is protected by an ancient guardian spirit."

The Guardian of the Lake

Starter Prompt

"Create a video about "Sustainable Living" that describes examples of sustainable living practices, tips and advices etc."

Living Sustainably: Real Stories and Practical Tips

Starter Prompt

"Create a video about a successful long distance relationship"

The Undying Symphony of Souls Intertwined


Got questions?

  • What is ReelSane?
    ReelSane is an AI-based video creation tool that allows users to generate professional faceless videos through simple chat interactions. It automates the entire video production process, including scriptwriting, visual creation, narration, and rendering.
  • Can I use ReelSane for free?
    Yes, you can register for the Free tier without a credit card and start using ReelSane immediately. This tier offers essential features to explore the platform.
  • How is ReelSane different from other AI tools?
    In existing AI video tools, generated copy and images are swapped using predefined templates, without any knowledge of fundamental design principles. ReelSane is created from beginning to end with AI, from video story to visual identity to voice actors. No templates, no pre-defined layouts. Thus, ReelSane creates truly unique videos. When listening and learning from your needs, endless possibilities can be created for content, styles, and voices. Unlike other tools, ReelSane offers a seamless chat-based interface for video creation. It charges per scene rather than video length, encouraging stronger storytelling. Additionally, it provides high-quality AI-generated visuals, neural TTS narrations, and dynamic subtitles.
  • Do I need special software or equipment?
    No, ReelSane is fully web-based. You only need a device with internet access and a browser to create, edit, and publish your videos.
  • Can I use ReelSane to create content for social media?
    Yes, ReelSane is perfect for creating content for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The created content can be used commercially as long as your text content is original.
  • Is prior experience required to use ReelSane?
    No, ReelSane’s intuitive and user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality videos without any design or video editing experience.
  • How does the pricing work?
    ReelSane operates on a scene-based pricing model. You are charged based on the number of scenes in your video, not the duration. This approach ensures more detailed and engaging storytelling.
  • What features are available in different tiers?
    Free: Basic video image effects, 8 one-time scene credits, 2 subtitle styles, 1 voice actor, and more. Basic: Enhanced features including 180 scenes per month, more voice actors, and watermark removal. Professional: Premium features like HQ neural narrations, high-quality AI visuals, multilingual support, and 600 scenes per month. Premium: All professional features plus 300 scenes per month, high-quality LLM, and additional benefits.
  • Which languages are supported?
    ReelSane supports multiple languages in the Professional and Premium tiers, enabling you to create videos in various languages with synchronized audio and subtitles. Currently supporting languages are; English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese.
  • How are scenes calculated?
    Scenes are calculated based on the number of images in your video. Regardless of the video length, each scene represents a unique segment that contributes to the storytelling.
  • How do I pay?
    Prices are listed in USD. We accept all major debit and credit cards along with iyzico which is a PayU company.
  • How does ReelSane’s payment system work?
    ReelSane operates on a subscription model with flexible pricing tiers. You can start for free and upgrade for advanced features. Payments are processed through a secure payment gateway.
  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
    Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime by navigating to your account settings and selecting "Manage billing."
  • Will I face copyright issues with content created using ReelSane?
    No, ReelSane generates content using AI models trained with royalty-free sources. All content produced is the product of generative AI and is suitable for commercial use. Ensure your text content does not violate any copyright laws.
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Save Time & Money

You can try ReelSane for free

Create professional videos in minutes

ReelSane’s AI saves you hours and reduces costs. Perfect for all your video needs.

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